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17 July 2007 @ 10:51 pm
Well, I finally got around to it.  
Well, because I banned myself from spoilers and am so bored because I can't participate, I've decided to do what I said earlier.

So, I put forth my best guesses to the hints/unresolved questions Jo has given us on DH. 

The fact that Harry has his mother’s eyes is very important to a future book.
I don’t believe that Harry’s eyes have magical properties. I just think they are a symbol of Lily’s compassion within him.
We will find out the significant information about Harry’s mother in two parts: books 5 and 7. Both are “very important in what Harry ends up having to do.”
I think “Snape’s Worst Memory” continued the on-going hints that Snape and Lily shared—something—prior to their 7th year. If I’m wrong about Snape and Lily’s relationship, then I think in Book 7 Harry will learn about how Lily and James defied Voldemort 3 times, thereby gaining information on what he’ll have to do against Voldemort.
Jo says a question we should be asking is “why Dumbledore did not kill or try to kill Voldemort in the scene in the ministry.” Dumbledore did not give the real reason.
I think this has already been revealed. Harry is the only one who can kill Voldemort per the prophecy.
Dumbledore’s “gleam of triumph” will be enormously significant to Book 7.
My guess, not that it’s original, is something to do with Harry’s blood now residing in Voldemort.
We will learn more about Dumbledore in book 7. It is possible that one of the things we will find out is what spell Dumbledore was trying to cast on Voldemort in the Ministry.
I think we’ll definitely learn more about Dumbledore’s family and ancestry. I really would love to learn more about his defeat of Grindewald. Regarding the spell, I don’t think we’ll learn what he was trying to cast.
Jo says an important question we should be asking is: “Why did Dumbledore have James' Invisibility Cloak at the time of James' death, given that Dumbledore could make himself invisible without a cloak?”
That’s a doggone good question.
Jo won't answer if Snape is evil or not because it will have such a huge impact on what will happen when Harry and Snape meet again: “I love the theories.”
Well, I suppose I’ll stay with the same argument I had when I finished reading OotP: Snape is on no one’s side except for himself.
What Harry’s parents did for a living is important.
I used to think one or the other was an Unspeakable. Now, I’m not so sure, but for consistency sake, I’ll say so.
We will find out why Voldemort gave Lily so many chances to live.
Because Snape asked him to spare her life and because Lily was knowledgable about a certain area of magic in which he was interested.
Snape might have had a love life/has a redemptive pattern to his life.
Um, Lily?
“Dumbledore's family would be a profitable line of inquiry.”
Heir of Gryffindor.
Death is not reversible, even in the Wizarding World, though in Book 7 "you'll see just how close you can get to the dead."
We’re going beyond the veil.
JKR: “The final chapter is hidden away, although it has now changed very slightly. One character got a reprieve, but I have to say two [main characters] die that I didn't intend to die.”
I think the character who got the reprieve was Lupin. I don’t think she expected to Lupin to be as popular in fandom as he’s been. As for the other two characters who die that she didn’t intend to die, I still have no idea (or rather, I just don’t want to imagine anyone who is a “good” guy dying).
“There is more to the Sorting Hat than what you have read about in the first three books.”
I think she was referring to “The Sorting Hat’s New Song” in OotP.
As one can guess from the end of Book 6, the founders of Hogwarts will play a role in Book 7.
The Deathly Hallows refer to the Founders’ relics and Voldemort’s pursuit of turning them into horcruxes.
A few of the Hogwarts professors have spouses, but the information is restricted – we’ll find out why!
But, why is that information restricted! I think Spout is married and McGonagall’s widowed. I’m leaning toward the guess that Dumbledore was involved with someone but was never married. 
Aunt Petunia is truly a muggle, but there is “a little bit more to Aunt Petunia than meets the eye.” “She is not a squib, although that is a very good guess. Oh, I am giving a lot away here. I am being shockingly indiscreet.”
Aunt Petunia—I just have no clue. Though, I think she’s met Snape and possibly have entered the wizarding word with Lily at some point. 
Petunia knows about dementors because she “overheard a conversation” between Lily and someone else. But there is more to it than that; we will learn more in Book 7.
See above.
When asked about Aunt Petunia being oddly flushed when she heard that Harry would only be returning to Privet Drive once more, Jo said that “There is a little more to Aunt Petunia than meets the eye and you will find out what that is in book seven.”
See above.
What did Dumbledore's Howler to Aunt Petunia mean? (“Remember my last?”)
His last (regular) communication with Petunia.
Who is R.A.B.? JKR: Regulus Black is a “fine choice.”
I can’t believe this is still being debated in fandom.
We will learn why Sirius detested Snape.
I think it has something to do with Regulus.
We will see whether or not Wormtail pays his life-debt to Harry.
Over on hallowoodsquare, there was a question of how Wormtail will repay his debt to Harry. I think I responded with “Something else.” I don’t think he’ll sacrifice his life voluntarily to do so.
At least one of the remaining Horcruxes is pretty easy to guess at if you are a careful reader.
The locket from Grimmauld Place.
Does the destruction of a Horcrux involve more than the destruction of the object?
I’m leaning “yes” given Dumbledore’s dead hand. 
There will be a new Defense against the Dark Arts teacher in Book 7.
Another hallowoodsquarequestion. I responded “Someone new.” 
The magical protection Harry receives from staying at the Dursleys will not hold once he turns 17 and becomes a man.
I don’t think Voldemort is planning an attack on the Dursleys once Harry turns 17.
In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows we will become better acquainted with another member of the Order of the Phoenix. This is someone we know about but have not “met properly.”
Harry believes that Draco would not have killed Dumbledore even if he had all the time in the world.  Indeed he would not have; this will have implications for Draco’s future.
I think Draco will be haunted by the Dumbledore’s choice to give him life (yes, I think Draco will survive).
When asked about Draco, Jo said that all of her main characters except for Voldemort can be considered redeemable.
I think Draco will be redeemed as much as his pride and bitterness will allow him to be redeemed.
The two-way mirror Sirius gave Harry will be useful in some way.
hallowoodsquarequestion. I responded thtat Harry will communicate with Ginny, Ron and/or Hermione through the mirror.
JKR: “The mirror that Harry got from Sirius might not have helped as much as you think but, on the other hand, will help more than you think.”
Ginny, Ron and/or Hermione will communicate important horcrux, past event, and/or present event information to Harry through the mirror.
JKR: Regulus is dead, “so he's pretty quiet these days.”
I agree :p
JKR will not comment on whether or not Sirius's mirror will allow communication with Regulus or not.
I really don’t think so.
JKR won’t tell us if there will be another scene in the locked room in the Department of Mysteries.
Yep. I think we will
Fawkes probably has a role to play in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
In the end, the battle between Harry and Voldemort.
World folklore about snakes holds clues to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
Well, I don’t think it has anything significant to do with Nagini.
We will learn more about the relationship between wands and their wizards/witches in Book 7.
I think Ravenclaw’s horcrux being a wand figures into this somehow.
We will find out more about the history of James Potter’s family in the next books.
His family created the Snitch.
“In my books, magic almost always shows itself in a person before age 11; however, there is a character who does manage in desperate circumstances to do magic quite late in life, but that is very rare in the world I am writing about.”
I don’t think it applies to Dudley.
JKR said she wouldn’t answer questions about religious content until the end of the seventh book.
I think we’ll see a “resurrection.”
There might be more to the eye regarding the cats in the stories.
I think she was referring to Figg’s cats when she made this comment.
We will learn what Dudley “saw” when he faced the Dementors.
Maybe kids at his school picking on him.
We will find out what happened to Sirius’s flying motorbike.
I can’t remember what I said at hallowoodsquare.  Either it's with Hagrid of Mr. Weasley.
Cuaron “put things in the [Prisoner of Azkaban] film that, without knowing it, foreshadow things that are going to happen in the final two books.”
Remus’ talk with Harry about Lily seeing the beauty in all people.
Umbridge is still at the Ministry; we will see more of her because Jo wants to “torture” her a bit more.
Um, yea!
Ravenclaw “Will get their day, if you know what I mean!”
Ravenclaw’s wand is a horcrux. I think Ravenclaw holds the piece pertaining to the relationship of a wizard to his wand.
Grawp will continue to become “more amenable to human contact.”
Grawp will be a factor in the Battle of Hogwarts (a new battle for Hogwarts students to learn).

And, that's that!
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