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30 June 2007 @ 07:19 pm
Accio Quote  

Accio Quote has found the July 2000 The Herald article which a Herald journalist referred to recently.

  • Regarding her rewrite of GoF,  "The problem I'd given Harry was completely solvable and if I solved it then, I couldn't reach the end I needed to get to. "  OK.  Maybe this isn't new information, but this statement is the first article I've read where she specifically stated what the issue was.   
  • "These books are about why he continues to struggle against evil. Why doesn't he give in when it would be easier for him to go to bed and let someone else sort it out? You'll find out my answer. One reason, of course, is that it makes a far better story."  Harry is a Horcrux 50,000; Harry is not a Horcrux 500.
  • "In America, I've had practising witches coming up to me and saying thank you. I tell them not to. I don't consider them evil but I don't believe in what they do."  ZOMG!!!!1!1!!!! Jo discriminates against witches!Wank.
  • On death:  "Without it the plot would fall apart, though in Book Seven you'll see just how close you can get to the dead."  Now, I definitely believe the US cover is Harry and Voldemort behind the veil.
  • Further thoughts on death:  "You can be brought back from being petrified and from injuries that in the real world are mortal, depending on the degree of skill that a particular wizard possesses. You can't go to any wizard and say 'Will you cure my terminally ill relative?' It's a mirror image of the real world in that sense."  A future reference to Dumbledore requesting Snape's assistance regarding his hand.  Still, we can't gather whether Dumbledore was healed by Snape or if he was dying before his demise at the end of the book.
  • "It was also Sean who put down the deposit on her tiny flat when she arrived in Edinburgh with a baby and no money after the collapse of her marriage to a Portuguese journalist."  I didn't know Sean did that for her.  I love him even more!  I also didn't know her first husband was a jouranlist.
  • "Some of Rowling's minor characters also have human counterparts. There's a hint of a dog-obsessed grandmother in Dudley's inflatable Aunt Marge."  LOL! 
  • On talking about Jo's obssession with words, muggles "is derived from "mug" but the suffix conveys an endearing quality.   It's a reflection of the way wizards regard them - more to be pitied than despised."
  • "In Philosopher's Stone I had a game of chess between Harry and Ron which Ron won by using a particularly violent bishop. My editor made me take it out. He didn't want me to have a bad bishop. Well, he's back, I have a different editor now."  Oooh.  UK or US?  Which editor?

I think tomorrow I'll provide my guesses to some of the hints that Jo has given regarding HPHD.

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