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22 April 2007 @ 09:41 am
OotP Trailer  
Wow. I just watched the trailer and...
The other trailers made me giddy with excitement.  However, this was the first trailer that left my jaw dropping.  At first, I thought I was viewing the wrong trailer.  It looks visually amazing. I’m just—impressed.  

I always thought the 5th book would make the best movie because it is not as plot-centric as the other books.  This trailer serves as more evidence.  
*How awesome will it be to hate Umbridge!


*I like the change to Cho as the snitch.  

*The Wizengamut hearing looks wonderful.  

*I like Sirius' talk with Harry  (despite being held in laundromat--WTH?).  It provides him extra motivation to undermine Umbridge's authority and allows the audience to connect further with Sirius.  

*Voldemort in a black Muggle suit!  I wondered why in the world the filmmakers would that.  It works.  I love it!

*The centaurs may be redeemed by the FX department.  

*The thestrals look good!

Now, I hope I won’t be severely disappointed when the movie rolls around. 
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