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15 April 2007 @ 03:19 pm
Deathly Hallows Predictions  

Is Snape loyal to Dumbledore and the others?
For this question, I marked yes because no third option existed. I feel Snape is loyal to no one but himself. Whatever actions he chooses, it is to benefit himself out of no concern for others and their situations. 
Will Percy return to his family and realize the errors of his ways?
My heart wants to answer “Yes,” but I clicked “No.” If he didn’t come to see Bill after he was mauled by Greyback and sided sat with the Ministry at the end of HBP, then his pride runs deeper than I thought. I just don’t know. On the surface, the fight initially was about who was wrong or right. However, deep down it’s a fight about acceptance—over Arthur’s job/familial choices, Percy’s straight-and-narrow approach to life, and Fred and George’s bending of the rules and jokes. These days I find myself wondering if Arthur welcomed Percy back, would his siblings do the same?
Will Harry tell someone he loves them in Book 7?
Um, I hope not. The Spiderman scene was enough for me :/ I don’t think he will verbally, but perhaps non-verbally.
Will we see a new Transfiguration teacher…
I think we’ll hear about the new Transfiguration teacher, but I don’t think we’ll read about classes with him or her.
Is there a traitor to be revealed in the Order?
I think he was already revealed (i.e., Snape).
Who is the member of the Order that we will get to know more?
Do one or more of the Death Eaters know about Lord Voldemort’s Horcruxes?
At least a former one—Regulus.  Present ones--I don't think so.
Will any of the Death Eaters turn good?
If this includes Wormtail’s life debt to Harry, yes. If not, no.
Will the house elves be free?
A long time in the future.
Will the goblins choose to fight on the good side and help them when?
Like Snape, they will do what’s best for them.
I think Dumbledore was referring to him when he stated the Order had the ability to fake deaths. 
Where is Sirius’ bike?
I think Hagrid has it, but I don’t think it’s at the cabin.

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