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11 April 2007 @ 07:30 pm
Chapter 70: Pride, Anime/Manga, Sins and Punishment. Oh, and Monica.  

Chapter 70--just plain awesome.  I'm now going to refer to it as 

I wasn't nearly as surprised as other people.  I always believed the theory [info]csakuras wrote.  It just made sense--except for Selim's lack of growth.  However, if Selim was "adopted" recently....

I wonder where Bradley was?  

Also, I wonder, if like the anime, Ed and Al will be separated for a time and then reunited after a significant event occurs?  In the anime, Ed left Al to go to Liore.  Will Ed leave Al behind to complete his mission for Bradley?  If so, what will be the event that brings them to together?

Now, that Pride has been revealed, Envy should show up soon if one follows the seven sins and their punishments in hell theory.  Since Envy is supposed to be immersed in freezing water, Briggs seems the appropriate place.  Can Ed's new arm and leg be exposed to extreme cold temperatures for more than 3 hours?  

Speaking of the seven sins and their punishments, Pride is broken on wheel, which was a humiliating experience in the medieval times.  The only "wheel" I can think of is a transmutation circle.  I can't think of what punishment could be so humiliating for Pride, but perhaps it's too early to call.  Still, how do you kill Pride, given the shadow theory floating around?

Can you believe that this is Monica Seles?  She looks fabulous.  Just wow!

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