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25 March 2007 @ 09:41 am
The Italian  

Last night, I took a step toward one of my New Year's resolutions:  to watch a minimum of 10 foreign or independent movies.  So, I watched the much acclaimed Russian movie The Italian.  It was excellent.  It had one of the most satisfactory endings to a movie I've seen in a while.  My opinion is pretty ironic considering everyone (i.e., approx. 15 people) said, "Oh! No!"  at the end.  The pacing seemed a little off in some portions of the movie, but I think that was a reflection of the conditions at the orphanage.  Still, there was such an incredible portrayal of realism and tension throughout that I didn't mind.  

I saw the previews to The Namesake.  Definitely will see that when it opens. 

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