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20 March 2007 @ 09:23 pm
Sanjaya=The Beatles?  
I had to put Sanjaya on mute because I was so embarrassed for him.  Still, while on mute, I have never laughed so hard during American Idol.  WTH at the pre-teen girl!  She was crying uncontrollably.  Dude!  

Simon killed me with "I think the little girl's face says it all.... "  I just--wow.  Wow.

ETA:  This week was the best quality singing from top to bottom this season.  It'll be interesting to see who goes home.  

I call it now:  Jordin is the dark horse in the competition.   Each week she impressess me.

And wow, I forgot to mute when Sanjaya came on.  He's even worse than I imagined.   As I'm typing this, Ryan brings the little girl on stage!  She's still crying!  LOL!
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