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22 February 2009 @ 08:42 pm
2009 Oscars  



Slumdog Millionaire: I liked it a lot. I’m glad it’s receiving all the awards. When I first saw it, and even now, I wouldn’t have pegged it as an Oscar-nominated film because it’s so joyous and hopeful (unlike the rest of the nominated films).  The cinematography (Best Cinematography winner, imo) and the kids were amazing. It will probably win this year, but it would be my runner-up.


Frost/Nixon: Even though everyone knew how it would end, I could feel the tension in the theatre as the movie progressed. Great movie.


Milk: A solid, moving movie. Sadly, I started crying at the beginning. It’s the probably my favorite opening sequence of the films. I wasn’t wowed by the screenplay. I wish Milk’s character was expounded upon more than the issue at hand (discrimination towards homosexuals). 


Benjamin Button: I wanted to see this movie when I first saw the trailer. It had the most interesting premise of the films. Amazingly, my mind didn’t drift much for a 3-hour film. I’d like to see it win Best Makeup. I thought the setting of New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina was a nice touch.


The Reader: My vote for Best Picture. I feel like it’s 2006 Oscars all over again. Crash and Brokeback Mountain. I thought Brokeback Mountain would win, but I my wish was for Crash. Now, it’s 2009. I wouldn’t be disappointed (at all) if Slumdog wins, but I would really love to see The Reader win. After the movie finished, it took a full minute for the first person to leave.  It has the best acting of the films. Two flawed characters (unlike Milk). I haven’t seen Doubt (or read any of the supporting materials but we’ll ignore that), but I would give it Best Adapted Screenplay.  


Sidenote: Please let Wall-E win Best Original Screenplay.

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