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01 September 2008 @ 12:26 pm
This Cannot Be Real  
This election has finally rendered me speechless.

ETAHas the journey to Platform 9 3/4 been so perilous?

Not one, but two McCain aides sidestep the question of whether McCain knew about Palin’s daughter’s pregnancy.

She was a director of a 527 for an Alaskan senator indicted on corruption charges.

She hires a lawyer for Troopergate.

The Alaskan maverick, who supposedly decries wasteful government spending, relied on earmarks (Let’s not even start with the she-was-for-the-bridge-to-nowhere-before-she-was-against-it because the government wouldn’t fund the project).

Palin was almost recalled as mayor for firing the Police Chief and Library Director for not supporting her in her 1996 race for Mayor.

She has questionable ties to was a member of the  Alaska Independence Party, which wants Alaska to secede from the country (so much for putting country first).

CNN reported that she had to obtain a passport to visit Alaskan troops in Germany.

And, now the McCain campaign is vetting Palin, after she is announced as the Republican Vice Presidential candidate?

ETA 2:  Edited to update information.  Also, Campbell Brown, thank you for asking the questions that many want to know.

ETA 3:  I don't usually watch Larry King, but tonight has been well worth it.  I witnessed James Carville holding up a printed image of the Wasilla city hall.  I can't believe this is happening. 

Andy Murray's is up a set on Stan "The Man."  I can't believe I haven't been engrossed in tennis today.
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