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30 December 2007 @ 02:12 pm
Sugar Quill Downsizing  

I just read Zsenya's message regarding her decision to downsize the Quill.  The Sugar Quill is among the HP Trinity--the first sites I visited when I entered fandom (the other two sites were Leaky and the "banana boards" of the now defunct HP Galleries, initially hosted by Leaky).  I found the Quill through a Leaky article about a first-time published author who wrote fan fiction.   Following the article link ito her stories at the SQ, I read my first fan fiction and discovered the SQ forums.

The SQ was a part of and introduced me to many firsts in fandom.  It was the first HP message board I actively followed.  I read my first WIP and full-length fan fiction, After the End, at the Quill.  I awaited updates on AtE and joined the AtE Yahoo group.  SQ was the first website I visited after I read OotP, HBP, and TDH.  More importantly, SQ was my first positive experience into HP fandom.  And, for that I will ever be grateful.  

During the Three-Year Summer, I visited the Quill at least daily.  I remained blissfully ignorant of the less pleasant side of fandom when I visited SQ frequently.  When I branched out, I felt like teenager stepping out into the "real world."   I was thankful for finding the Quill first and that I could always return "home" when I desired.  Not to say that my experiences outside the SQ have been horrible--they definitely haven't and have enhanced my whole fandom experience--but there's always something comforting about returning home.  

For various reasons, I haven't visited the Quill often after HBP was released.  Still, its positives outweight its negatives.  I hope my "next great adventure" is as wonderful as the Quill was.

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