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My comment to an entry 'JTBC drama facing pre-release backlash for "Snowdrop"' by waves_of_light in…

So....JTBC issued a press release.

—Meant no correlation of the main female character’s name to the famous pro democracy activist Chun Young Cho. They will change the character’s name (evidently, the name is very rare in SK).

—The male lead is a (Korean-German?) North Korean NSP spy who is upright and just (This would be a good point to interject that the real-life Chun Young Cho’s husband was accused of being a spy and died while in custody. The female lead in the drama is named after her and she supposedly falls in love with a North Korean spy....).

—The backdrop of the story had nothing to do with the June pro-democracy movement but the 1987 election (Isn’t that inextricably related?).

More questionable stuff:
— Remember the Hong Kong man who killed his Korean wife and tried to cover it up by saying she was a spy? One of the character’s name is after the Korean wife.

—Another character’s name is after a Korean War military operation that massacred more than 700 people in the Geochang.

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Seriously?, wow

FMA 102

I'm stunned. I'm so completely stunned. I can't remember the last time I was so stunned. My mouth is still gaping open over Roy and Al.

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.
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The Non-State of the Union Address

My favorite part:

"In the midst of civil war, we laid railroad tracks from one coast to another that spurred commerce and industry. From the turmoil of the Industrial Revolution came a system of public high schools that prepared our citizens for a new age.  In the wake of war and depression, the GI Bill sent a generation to college and created the largest middle-class in history."

OMG!  YES, YES, YES!  He gets it!

My second favorite part:

"Dropping out of high school is no longer an option.  It’s not just quitting on yourself, it’s quitting on your country."